Thursday, February 7, 2013

Beauty No. 29

Thoughtful Thursday
What are your Core Values?
I'm sure someone has asked you,"what are you going to do with your life?"
The great question, "What are you going to do with your life?"
Most common answer... "UM, I don't really know at this moment. Maybe get a job, make some money, get married etc"
Now, how many times has someone asked you, "what makes you, YOU?"
Wowzers, do people even talk about that kind of stuff.
I think people are afraid to ask that question, because they aren't sure themselves about what they want to do!
So I am now asking you, "what makes you, YOU?"
"What are your Core Values?"
 Wait, what are Core Values? 
I like to look at someone's Core Values as a road map to life.
Example, if you are extremely creative you might not want to work with the IRS, or if you are super social and good with people you might not want to be a field researcher in the dessert, or if you are really brainy and great at science you might not want to be a semstress. Get my drift?
So, when we can define ourselves and who we want to be it makes your path that much straighter.
Knowing who you helps you to know what you want and where you want to go.
So take the time today and write out your Core Values.
I recommend choosing 5 Core Values.
Write them out on a piece of paper and tape it to your bathroom mirror. Remind yourself everyday of who you want to be. Change starts with you and you have THE power to make big changes in your life. Just take the time to get to know yourself and who you are.
Have a beautiful day!

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